Benefits of walking with your dog – 5 Reasons to walk your dog everyday

Ask your dog if he would like to go for a walk. What was his response? Was he excited? I bet he was! This should tell you everything about how your dog feels about his daily walk. Now answer this question. Were you as excited as your dog to take him walking? If not, Why is that? Was your dog’s excitement not enough to get you in the mood for a walk?

They are many health benefits accompanied by walking your dog every day and if you like being rewarded for your workout efforts, then have at it! Grab a cookie or some chips and enjoy. Your dog will be very grateful for his calorie free walk.

In this article, I will explain five reasons how walking with your dog can be beneficial to both of you and why you should make it an integral part of your daily routine!

Physical Exercise

Walking with your dog every day is a great way to help you keep active and stay fit! The same thing applies to your dog. Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce the risk of health-related issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure. For most dogs, this is the only physical activity they get for the entire day.

Walking your dog every day helps keep their muscles and joints strong. If your overweight, this should be the easiest way to help shed a few pounds without seeing it as a chore like going to the gym.

Mental Wellness

As I mentioned in the section above, taking your dog for a walk is the only time in a day that your dog has to go out and stretch his legs, roll around in some grass, and explore his surroundings. You should take this time to reflect on the important things in life.

I know for myself, whenever I take a walk I always end up deep in thought about different areas of my life and things I could do to improve myself. Walking is a great way to promote mental stimulation and enrichment! Dogs don’t like to be bored and if you give them something constructive to do, like going for a walk, they will be less destructive.

Change up the scenery from time to time. Try walking at different parks or trails, even lakes! This will help keep your walks exciting and give you something new to look forward to.


Socialization is extremely important for your dog because exposing them to different people and situations will help with their coping skills. Lack of socialization will lead to your dog being afraid of other people. This is extremely important if your dog is still a puppy. Do you remember the first time you socialized with peers when you were little? whether it be in school or a play date?

This is the same thing we’re doing for our dog when we take them for a walk. You will always meet another person walking their dogs when you, are and your dogs are guaranteed to greet each other. That’s when you get a chance to also greet their human. Walking together helps promote you and your dog’s social skills!

Bonding Time

The most important benefit of walking with your dog, it helps reinforce your bond! Spending quality time one-on-one with your dog should be very exciting!  This is relatively the easiest thing you can do every day to make your dog happy and intern make you happy. Seeing our dogs happy should bring a lot of joy into our lives.

Remember that our dog pays attention to what we do, not what we say and this is how you build their trust. Being unpredictable is a fun way to get your dog to tune into you. Instead of taking the same route every day, switch it up! This way your dog will never know when the fun will begin. This would be an exciting treat!    

Boosts Confidence

It’s something about having a daily routine that boosts your confidence. Being in control of your own life gives you that drive to become successful. Having a daily routine will help your dog boost his confidence as well. It will give him structure and stability and this level of predictability helps tremendously in boosting his confidence. Is your dog shy and timid around unfamiliar people? try basic obedience walks.

When you notice someone approaching, stop walking and tell your dog to look at you and to sit down. You should notice after doing this a few times, your dog will be able to keep their composure for longer periods of time. See all the wonderful benefits of going on walks with your dog? Let’s start walking!

Let’s start walking!

In the article above I brought some light to the benefits of walking with your dog. Studies have shown that walking your dog for 30 minutes, three times a week can help reduce blood pressure, increase energy, lower your weight by 5% and your dogs by 15%. Walking with your dog has a positive impact on various aspects for overall health and well being for both of you.

One in three Americans is overweight and childhood obesity is at an all-time high. Adults who regularly walk their dog was 25% less likely to be obese than dog owners that didn’t walk their dog at all. Walking with your dog can be more fun than watching tv or playing games on your phone. Canine obesity is also on the rise and it is estimated that 50% of the dog population is overweight.

This is terrible! It’s true that dogs can exercise themselves while being left in a fenced yard or inside the home, but like us, dogs tend to relax in the shade instead of running around if there’s no one to play with. But if given a chance, your dog will gladly go for a long stroll! Your kids can also come along for a walk with the dog as well! Make a family play day! A simple stroll is a great way to say I love you.



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