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How to keep your dog cool in the heat? – 5 doggie essentials reviewed

It’s summertime where I live and temperatures are rapidly increasing. Daily temps range from 75 to 100 degrees and That’s pretty darn hot. For most, summertime is the best season of the year but it could also be very dangerous. With these high temperatures, we need to ensure that we’re protecting our dogs from the heat as well.

Depending on the age, breed, and physical activity, your dog can overheat very quickly and this can cause heat strokes. But not to worry, in this article, I will review five products that will help to keep your dog cool and safe during this summer heat!

Cooling Vests

Product: Ruffwear – Swamp cooler, cooling vest for dogs

Where to buy:

Price: 59.95 (retail)

Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

My rating: 9 out of 10

The Ruffwear cooling vest will help your doggo beat the heat this summer. This vest is very easy to use, Just soak it in freezing cold water, wring it out, and put it on your dog. This process can be repeated throughout the day if needed. Evaporating cooling technology allows your dog to stay cool by exchanging the heat from your dog to the coolness of the stored water in the vest. How genius is that!

The wicking outer layer promotes evaporation, the middle layer stores the water, and the comfy inner layers transfer the cooling effects to your dog. This vest has an active fit to provide a complete range of motion so your dog can run and move around comfortably. Very easy to put on and remove using the side release buckles. This innovative cooling vest is perfect for the summer heat!

Cooling Collar

Product: K9 chill dog cooling collar

Where to buy:

Price: 11.99 (retail)

Sizes: L/XL 20”-30”

My rating:  8.5

In addition to the cooling vest mentioned above, the cooling collar would be another great addition to add to your dogs summer collection. Dogs don’t sweat like us when they get hot, they pant(heavy breathing). The hotter it is, the more they pant to try and keep themselves cool. The K9 chill collar is a safe way to counter overheating and reduce stress and dehydration.

To use, simply wet the collar and tie it around your dog’s neck. I would suggest freezing it overnight to get the best results. The fabric is made with a breathable lightweight material to allow moisture for long periods of time. It has a hole built in to attach to a leash and it’s machine washable.

Frozen Treats!

This product is considered a DIY (do it yourself) essential. There are many healthy dogs approved popsicle recipes we can use to create delicious frozen treats for our dogs. My favorite is the watermelon and carrot frozen dog treat! Carrots are high in vitamin a and fiber while watermelon is 50% water so it adds extra hydration for your pup on hot days. I will list below the ingredients and instructions to whip these treats up.

Ingredients: 3 cups watermelon and 2 cups of carrots.

Directions: Add 2 peeled and chopped carrots to your blender and purée. Then you add your 3 cups of watermelon and blend it all up until smooth. You can use a regular ice cube tray for this or you can get a dog bone mold to make cute little treats. Freeze for two hours or until solid and then your dog treats are ready to go!

You can find the puppy treat mold I use at Amazon for cheap! Be sure to share this frozen dog treat recipe with friends and family!

On the go water bottles

Product: lesotc pet water bottle for dogs

Where to buy:

Price: 14.70

Size: 18 oz

My rating: 10

The Lesotc water bottle is brilliant! It’s large capacity and leak-proof features definitely make this my favorite essential. This provides fresh and healthy water for your doggies during travel or regular outdoor activities! It’s made with food-grade safe materials, it’s non-toxic, BPA free and it doesn’t have any weird odors like other bottles do.

This bottle has a capacity mark if you’re interested in measuring the amount of water you give your dog. I would personally suggest adding ice cubes to the bottle to keep it cool all day or keep the water in a cooling flask like a yeti bottle and add it to the bottle when needed. The cup is soft and folds down when you’re finished with it.

You can also lock it to ensure there’s no leaking and wasting water. Always make sure you wash the bottle after every use as you would with your own water bottle. This way we ensure our dog is drinking clean toxic free water every time.

Portable Swimming Pool

Portable swimming pool

Product: Jasonwell foldable pet bath pool

Where to buy:

Price: 28.99- 64.99 (varies by size)

Size: S 32”, M 39.5”, L 48”, XL 55”, XXL 63”

My rating: 10

This collapsible pool can be used for many different activities! The most important of course is a dog pool! Some other things this pool can be used for is a ball pool pit for the kiddies, a kiddie pool, and a sandbox! It’s portable so you can take it on the go anywhere. Very simple and easy to use! No need for inflation so it’s easy to drain and add clean water.

This pool is super durable! It’s made with extra tough PVC. The sides are thick and the bottom is even thicker.  It’s available in 5 sizes depending on the size of your dog or what you plan on using it for. This is a must-have if your dog resides outdoors. It’s the easiest way to cool your dog off and your dog will have a ball with it!

Surviving the heat

How to keep your dog cool in the heat? Whether your going to the beach on vacation or just enjoying the outdoors this summer, these five summer essentials are extremely important for your dog! It will keep them both comfortable and safe during this hot summer.

The heat is nothing to play with. It can be very dangerous to us and to our pups! So please be mindful of your dogs when the temps are high! Thanks for reading and If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to leave them below! I would love to chat!


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