Pros and Cons of a Raw Food Diet for Dogs- Find out now!

What is a Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

A Raw Food Diet for dogs consists of uncooked meat, the muscle and organs, bones, vegetables, fruits, raw eggs, and some dairy items. This diet began in 1993 when an Australian veterinarian named it the “BARF Diet”. It stands for Bones and Raw Food. He suggested that dogs would thrive on the Barf Diet because this is the way they ate before being domesticated. In this article, I will share with you the pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs. I will explain the benefits and potential risks associated with this diet.

Potential Risks

The most transparent downside to feeding your dog raw meats is the potentially deadly pathogens that can make your pup sick and it can also be passed onto us. Salmonessa and lysteria are among the most dangerous. Salmonella causes lysteria in both humans and animals. Both can catch the disease if the meat is contaminated by harmful bacteria. I will list some helpful tips below to help reduce /prevent infection if you’re interested in the Raw Food Diet for your dogs.

– Thoroughly wash hands in hot water and soap for at least 25 seconds after handling the raw meat as well as disinfecting all surfaces that came in contact with the raw meat with hot soapy water. Disinfecting products like Clorox would also be a good option.

– Freeze the raw meat until they’re ready to be used and thaw in the fridge or microwave before serving it to your dog. Do Not thaw on countertops!

– Carefully clean meat using vinegar or limes to kill bacteria. Be careful not to splash and spread meat juice to other food and surfaces and keep it separate from other food.

– Cooking/ Boiling the raw meat to kill bacteria is by far the best way to prevent these harmful foodborne bacteria. Although it wouldn’t necessarily be “Raw” anymore, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Benefits of The Raw Food Diet

They are many benefits of the Raw food diet for dogs. I will list them below!

Firm Stool- By feeding your pup the raw food diet and supplementing with probiotics, this will toughen their stool. No more messy stool to clean! It also helps reduce gas.

No more allergies-  The top food allergens in dog f=ood is wheat and corn. by feeding your dog the raw food diet you eliminate those allergens from their diet which results in a happier dog! If your pup is prone to allergens because of their breed especially during the allergy season, try homeopathic remedies specifically for dogs!

Increased Energy- What your furbaby eats plays a vital part in your pup’s behavior. If your pup is usually sluggish during the day or after a meal, the Raw Food Diet might be able to help with that. The kibble dog food has a ton of carbs which at first spikes their energy levels but then when the high drops, their extremely tired and not too much fun to be around. Hoomans that feed their pups the raw food diet noticed a stabilizing effect in their energy levels.

Shiny fur- The Raw Food Diet takes care of the dietary needs needed to obtain a thick shiny coat. Have you ever noticed how wild dogs fur is always thick healthy looking, its all in the diet! No need for extra supplements!

White /healthy teeth- The raw food diet aids in healthier gums and prevents bad breath!

Boosts immune system- Dogs that live in the wild seem to have fewer health problems compared to our domestic kibble fed pups. That’s because the raw food diet boosts and strengthens their immune systems. This diet has tons of fatty acids and immune-boosting nutrients. The Raw diet also reduces inflammatory conditions as well.

Arthritis and Diabetes- The older and fatter your pup gets, the more prone they are to these diseases. By transitioning to the raw food diet, it will help stabilize their blood pressure and reduce inflammatory conditions.

Leaner Physique- More muscle! As I’ve mentioned numerous times, have you ever seen a chubby wild dog or wolf before? Never! Eating the Rw Food Diet helps lean out their muscles. In addition to that, the extra chewing needed to chew the raw meat is also an exercise in itself. They might not become “buff” but they will definitely be leaner an have a better appearance.

Raw Food Diet Basics

In order for your dog to get the best results from the Raw food diet, they have to follow a certain diet consisting of a balanced diet. I will list the basics to follow below.

Keep the diet simple! With each feeding:

* 75-80% of meat/organ/bone

*20 colored veggies

*Rotate the proteins (meat) and feed saltwater fish once a week. (not pacific fish)

-Essential Fatty Acids 

*hemp oil, coconut oil, phytoplankton oil

GIve recreational bones 2-3 times a week. 

* feet, backs, necks, femurs

-Rotate support foods every week

* bone broth, probiotics, enzymes, liver support, turmeric paste

If your dog poop is white, your feeding too much bone. Yellow poop, normal, sign of chicken. BLacl poop, too much organ, cut back. Runny poop, not enough bone.

Are you interested?

The Raw Food diet is very controversial. Many of us think that dry kibble food is the correct diet for our furbabies while others think that their pups were meant to eat the raw food diet because that’s what dogs ate before they became domesticated. Either way, we will do what we think is best for our dogs.

If your interested in the Raw food Diet and your dog is not used to it, take it slow. Implement raw meat maybe once a day to see how their tummies will react. Since they aren’t used to it, transitioning might take some time, so be mindful of that when starting this diet. Bottom line, every dog is different and not all pups will react well to this diet.

Before transitioning, I would suggest talking with your veterinarian to discuss making dietary changes to your dog’s diet because it can cause your dog some stomach issues and distress and we don’t want that! I hope you guys enjoyed this article. If you have any questions be sure to leave them below and I will be happy to assist! Thanks for reading!


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