Unique Dog Accessories! How Cool Are These?

Owning a dog is hands down one of the most amazing things in the world! If you’re having a bad day your dog will be sure to brighten your day. As a dog owner, making sure our pup is happy and healthy is our top priority. In this article, I will mention 7 cool dog accessories that will be sure to make your life easier, as well as your dog!

Zipline Harness

This zip line harness keeps your dog restrained in the back seat of your vehicle and allows you to drive safely. For your pup, it allows him to move freely in only the backseat. The zip line is very versatile and can also be used on a boat or outdoors.

It comes with a detachable leash that easily connects and detached from the zip line. This zip line harness is a perfect little gadget to have on hand. It makes driving a lot more secure and safe when you’re taking your dog along for the ride.

My Frobo

This doggy bowl has to be the most genius gadget ever! Could you imagine being kept outside all day in the heat with only warm/hot water to drink? My Frobo has a frozen core that keeps your dog water cold all day long. The genius technology being this invention is a removable insert that’s lined with a non-toxic gel.

You place the gel in the freezer and allow it to freeze and when it’s ready to be used it will change color. This bowl also cleans up easily and has a non- skid base to prevent sliding. Don’t wait! Grab your Frobo bowl today at myfrobo.com!


Premium Painless Nail Clipper

I don’t know about you but I highly detest cutting my nails. IT leaves sharp edges that I have to file down every time! I would assume our dogs feel the same way. This painless nail trimmer more of a file than a cutter.

It shaves down your dog’s nail while leaving a smooth finish and it’s not too loud so it won’t freak your dog out. This nail trimmer is a gentle, stress-free way to trim those nails. It’s a safe and easy alternative to those regular dog nail clippers.


Pet Umbrella

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all! This dog umbrella helps maintain a working regime in inclement weather. It comes in different sizes depending on the size of your pup. This umbrella eliminates the excuse of “It’s too wet” to walk the dog. I know that’s an excuse I use quite a bit to keep me from going walking. Haha.

This umbrella keeps your doggo dry and prevents that unpleasant wet dog smell throughout your home. It also hooks us to your dog’s leash to prevent your dog from straying away. This inverted umbrella is a win-win!

Dog GPS Tracker

Do you have a dog that likes to escape? If so, this pet tracker might be the perfect device for you. This pet tracker is a lightweight compact device that goes on your dog’s collar. You can view your pet’s activity in real- time while recording their everyday adventures.

This GPS tracker uses cell phone network technology or Wifi and can even alert you if your dog tries to escape. It has an 8 hr battery life on a single charge and includes a charging port!

Dog Videophone

For the concerned pet parents, you now have a way to stay connected with your furry friends while you’re away. You can see, hear, and speak to them from anywhere! This videophone is a great device to provide comfort and peace of mind for you and your pup.

They will feel a lot safer knowing that they can communicate with you at any time. This has to be the coolest pet gadget in the world. After all, even our dog deserves a taste of technology every once in a while.

Dog Selfie Stick

Ever tried to take the perfect picture with your pet and they wouldn’t look at the camera? This pet selfie stick was created for this specific reason. This gadget is guaranteed to catch the attention of the most distracted dogs out there.The Pooch Selfie Stick is universally compatible with all smartphones.

It sits at the the top of your phone and it even squeaks if you squeeze it to catch your dogs attention. This will work for front facing or rear facing cameras. Grab yours today for only $9.99 and start taking those cool selfies with your doggo!

Spoil Your Pup!

I love to spoil my dog. I think it’s well deserved. My dog helps me in so many ways that he will never fully understand. The saying that a dog is a mans bestfriend couldn’t be any more true. Their always there for you when you need them. A listening ear, a paw to hold, a shoulder to cry on when you’re having a rough day…

We need them as much as they need us! They appreciate all the little things that we do for them and that’s why their family. These unique dog accessories mentioned in this article are a bit different from your everyday dog accessories but they are guaranteed to change your and your doggos life!


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